Ease of use. Automatic coup eggs 6 times a day.
42 chicken, duck or turkey eggs.

Price 560 UAH.

Automatic eggs coup (Revolver-42)

Automatic eggs coup System Revolver-42 is compatible with our incubators IBM-30 (Leleka 1) end IBM-30 E (Leleka 2) as well as any similarly sized incubators.

Mains power: 220 В.
Power consumption: to 10 Вт.
Turning eggs: 6 times per day.
Overall dimensions: 375x375x80 мм.
Weight: not more 1 kg.
Capacity (pieces):
Chicken, duck or turkey.......42;
Quail and goose are not flipped!!!.

Manufacturer SPC ««Minilayn»».

Buy automatic flipping eggs Revolver-42, please call:
097-555-42-24, 066-305-54-99.
Orders are accepted from 9:00 to 20:00 seven days a week for Kiev time.

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Price 560 UAH.

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