High accuracy of temperature
Electronic digital

Price 290 UAH.

Digital thermostat

Electronic digital thermostat "Minilayn-2" is simple and easy to use. Automatically adjusts the set temperature. Suitable for all types of incubation.

Setting the temperature: manual.
Key Lock: yes.
The lower temperature limit: -55°C.
The upper temperature limit: +120°C.
The possibility of temperature correction: yes.
Accuracy of the mean temperature: ± 0,2°C.
Possible short-term fluctuations (not more): ± 1°C.
Supply voltage: constant current 12 ± 1 V.
Thermostat "Minilayn-2" works with any heating elements up to 2 kW..

Manufacturer SPC «Minilayn».

Buy a digital thermostat "Minilayn-2" please call:
097-555-42-24, 066-305-54-99.
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Buy a digital thermostat "Minilayn-2" please call:

Price 290 UAH.

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